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Logos are simply visual representations that help businesses, products or services get identified by their audience. This identity is the primary purpose for which logos are created, to identify your business. The look of a logo can practically make or mar a business or service which it represents. This happens because logos have life in them and have impressions they give off to an audience.

It is vital to ensure that a logo represents the service or product it was created for to avoid any confusion or misinformation. Time, thought and effort is needed by a designer to make this possible. A badly thought-out concept will come across as shabby or disorganized, and because logos visually represent a business or service, these negative impressions will rub off on the firm or service it represents.

The best logos should be simple without any element of complexity in them in our day and age. A simple logo is easier to memorize, recognize and associate with a brand than a complex one. If you check around, you will notice that most popular brands have simple logos. It boils down to a style of minimalism, which makes a brand unique from the crowd.  It is effortless to remember logos from the following brands: Apple, Coca-cola, Samsung, Facebook, WhatsApp, Shell, Ford, BMW and so many others who understand how to be remembered. The minimalist design helps customers to identify the brand wherever they come across it immediately.

Usually a simple logo is easier to memorize, recognize and associate with a brand than a complex one.

Usually a simple logo is easier to memorize, recognize and associate with a brand than a complex one.

Graphic designers ideally should conduct proper research on their client’s business, brand or service before designing their logos. Logos are part of a brand’s marketing tool, and the service they offer should be expressed in the design. Prospects and customers can easily guess what a brand’s business offers might be by looking at their logo. A well- thought out look will give off good vibes and people will be willing to check out what that particular firm offers.

From the color, the fonts and overall design layout, the logo should adequately express the nature of a brand. If the brand is a highly corporate one, using colorful fonts or swirling letters would be wrong. Likewise, if the brand is a toy-making brand, using dark tones with straight, narrow and elegant fonts wouldn’t be the best option.  For a marque to be considered very fitting to the brand it represents, it must have certain features.  The logo must be simple, easily recognizable, appropriate for the brand it represents, scalable and timeless.  From the color, the fonts and overall design layout, the marque should adequately express the nature of a brand in its structure and appeal.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We are not saying that complex logos don’t have their place, but most of the time the message in the logo can be cluttered which works against the purpose of the logo in our day.  Colors, font, layout and all should represent the brand accordingly. Scalability is also important; the logo should be designed in such a way that it’s resizable to any measurement without losing its quality or identity in any way. Vector format is recommended for logo designs because it ensures the logo image can be used in any size and medium.

An ageless logo is an ideal logo; a look that can remain relevant from year to year without being affected by new developments. When a logo has a simple design layout, remaining timeless and pertinent as possible is unavoidable.  A straightforward design gives a brand an impression of efficiency, utility, and orderliness. Logos with mediocre or generic designs express low-quality and perceived negative service experience which a brand’s audience will avoid at all costs. The key to success is the understanding that it essentially comes down to: “What you are saying?” Vesper Design has earned their name in designing Incredible logos that check through all these features. Less is the new more, and this is the secret of the best logos in existence today.

Vesper Design is a graphic design firm located in Montreal, Quebec Canada, we help businesses like you, experience the sensation of coming to terms with your identity on a daily basis. Through creativity, understanding, and commitment, we discover who you are together! That’s what Vesper Design is seeking to accomplish in this vast cosmos of business! The views expressed in these articles are solely those of Vesper Design and are meant to equip you with a beginners understanding in the realm of graphic design.