The 5 “How’s” not “Cows” of Advertising!

What is advertising? I am sure you might be surprised by how difficult it is to answer this deceptively simple question. We’re very sure you have seen a commercial, heard a radio ad or even got an idea of what it is like to pay for someone to advertise your business. However, you might not fully understand the amount of work, planning, and budgeting that goes into an advertising campaign. This article will give you an excellent overview of five essential steps that lead to a successful advertising campaign.

Sometimes, the right brand can really advertise itself. For example, the multi-national coffee franchise Starbucks generates lots of passive social media advertising through Instagram, with over 10.000 of people every day taking pics of the company’s logo, without even knowing or thinking about it! 


Before you even think of advertising, save yourself from a big mess and start by focusing on crafting something great that’s worth being advertised.   You should consider, a great product or service, fueled by an appealing brand, is the first significant step towards a successful ad campaign.

You should consider, a great product or service, fueled by an appealing brand, is the first significant step towards a successful ad campaign.

1.Get your services/products sorted and design your brand: Spending money to advertise a product that’s halfway finished or a brand that’s simply not strong enough in conceptual design is just going to be an absolute waste of your time and resources.

2. Set your budget: Inexperienced business owners often seem to advertise as they go, failing to plan a campaign. This direction might lead to increased overhead costs and unexpected expenses that could easily be avoided with proper budgeting.

3. Understand where your audience lives: We aren’t just talking location. It’s important to know when and how your audience likes to access content. TV? Radio? Social media? Newspapers? Find the best way to interact with them consistently!

4. Hire a consultant: Advertising pros can help you design the right ad campaign tailored to your brand and vision.

5. Engage your audience: The best ads are those who make the audience feel involved. There are many cool ways you can engage with your audience, for example, by offering discounts, throwing contests or giveaways, or even hosting special events.

Whichever way you choose, it is paramount that you take the time to understand successful business comes with a strategy. Whether in design, advertising or budgeting, it is essential to capitalize on these as early as possible before heading out on your crusade to conquer the world in advertising & marketing.

Over 77% of consumers make purchases based on the brand name alone!(Crowdspring)

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