What Do I Know, I’m Just The Designer

There are two important rules I like to follow. They are the result of several lessons learned and since I sort of consider myself a common sense-type, I have adopted this pair of rules. They take away a lot of the guesswork and solve numerous problems in decision making for me.

Let’s look at each of them and why I’m so keen on following them:

1 – Everything Dies

This lesson goes back to my younger self and goldfish. Without a lot of details, my dad showed me that ‘Goldie’ was not going to be a long-term family member a day or two after I forgot to feed him. I’ve since noted other animals, pets and family/friends don’t stick around forever, either. It has given me grounding.

2 – Hire An Expert

I took a little longer than most to completely grasp this one. I think what confused me was the hardware store. They sell all kinds of tools and materials which made me think I could actually do things like re-wire electrical panels, build an addition onto my home, fix my car and prune my trees. The last one took several attempts before I finally caught on why I am not an arborist. The tools they use are sharp, heavy, scary and…did I mention sharp?

But Why Are DIY Programs So Popular On TV?

The reason for this has a lot to do with reality programming. I’m quite certain that some of the best stuff from mid-season of your favourite reality TV show ended up on the cutting room floor simply because the so-called-expert was doing something extremely dangerous. DIY stands for “Don’t Injury Yourself” but that seems to be the whole point. I only needed to burn my fingers and singe off my eyebrows twice before I realized I should call an electrician for the task the cute little hardware store clerk said I could fix “in a jiff.”

The dangers in doing stuff yourself involve just about everything known to mankind. I doubt there are many DIY projects floating around at NASA. They employ experts to solve the problems related to jet propulsion simply because you and I are not properly equipped for the task. I somewhat doubt there’s a tutorial on YouTube on how to design the human waste disposal system used on the International Space Station. That’s because it took a team of experts in their field to come up with all the intricate details and whatnot.

Where Am I Going Here?

Let’s switch gears and look at brand design. Just because you can drag a crayon across a piece of paper it doesn’t make you an artist. The same goes for the skill you picked up tracing things by holding papers up to the window. This is not exactly the qualifications required for design or brand development. However, I do encounter the odd person who has a pretty good grasp of PhotoShop or pick a computer design tool. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is cool. Its borderline awesome. However, I sort of consider myself one of those ‘experts’ when it comes to brand design. It’s because I’ve done the schooling.

So I kind of think what I can do for you or your product is come up with a groovy new design for your brand that is what us experts like to refer as being ‘original.’ In other words, not exactly what the average DIYer can cook up after searching the web for ideas. Do you remember why I decided to hire an arborist to trim my trees? Two reasons:

  • I had no idea what I was doing and cut parts off of one tree that will likely lead to an untimely death of what was once a pretty cool shade tree.
  • I cut myself horribly because, in all honesty, I had no clue what I was doing.

So, after the arborist arrived and got a good laugh out of his system that was provoked by my wonderful YouTube-tutored work, I tried to teach him what I knew about trimming trees. He looked at me and said, “Hey, Buddy. Do I tell you how to do your job?” That was all I needed. So if you are in the market for a bit of brand design work, and have some knowledge you picked up from a friend of a friend, let me take care of it.

I mean it.

Just let me take care of it.

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