Branding / 28 Jan 2017
The Rewards of Commitment

There are two types of sea captains sailing across the ocean: there are those who abandon the ship at the first sign of distress, and those who go above and beyond to patch every little hole and keep the boat afloat, no matter what.

The same attitude could be translated to business owners. Some business owners are always focused on their original goals and objectives, regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, many other companies are so afraid of facing issues that they merely lose their focus on commitment to their brand. When they are struggling for various reasons (financial problems, inability to reach out to customers, not enough sales…) these businesses tend to lose track of the bigger picture and focus all of their resources, budget, and energy on improving on the aspect they perceive is failing them.

Building a business is a little bit like building a house of cards. If there is too much pressure on either side, the house will just collapse!

The Rewards of Commitment

However, there is one thing they fail to understand. Building a business is a little bit like building a house of cards. If there is too much pressure on either side, the house will just collapse! On the other hand, the right balance will allow the business to grow and eventually solve its issues.

For example, building a better brand can help you win the trust of your audience: 78% of consumers tend to trust company with a better focus on branding and content. (Crowdspring) In addition to that, if you focus on engaging with your people in a well-developed brand, you will also make them more likely to become your customers, 80% of people tend to consider companies they know through branding and often engage through social media!

Imagine you are experiencing a time of slow sales for your business, and even though you’ve been planning on improving your brand, you might be thinking of cutting your design budget to improve your sales. Unless it’s an extreme circumstance, this would be a bad move, because your commitment to growing your brand would disappear.

As we mentioned earlier, everything is connected in your business’ image. Without the proper advertising and design strength, you will not have many resources to improve your sales as well! If you manage to stick to your plan and develop your business in a very balanced way, ensure the supervision of all the relevant aspects, you will surely get out of those hard times!

Vesper Design is a graphic design firm located in Montreal, Quebec Canada, we help businesses like you, experience the sensation of coming to terms with your identity on a daily basis. Through creativity, understanding, and commitment, we discover who you are together! That’s what Vesper Design is seeking to accomplish in this vast cosmos of business! The views expressed in these articles are solely those of Vesper Design and are meant to equip you with a beginners understanding in the realm of graphic design.

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