The Relativity of Ignorance

There is a difference between being frugal and cheap. Somewhere in the middle is the ground that is occupied by those who are just clueless when it comes to the value of certain services or concepts. But we get that. It’s really tough to justify paying more for something when you can get pretty much the same thing at a whole lot less. Think ‘cheap knock off’ if you must. Remember, the word ‘cheap’ is in there for a reason. Any idea what that reason would be? It’s because the word ‘cheap’ is being used to describe the quality of the item. Let’s look at some other examples.

Gourmet Pizza

Your first clue here is the word ‘gourmet’ which hints at quality. This is very likely not going to be the $5 pizza you can find in the freezer section of your local big box grocery store. Sure, the gourmet pizza in a restaurant is going to cost a few bucks but look at it! It is a piece of art! There’s a design to it. Everything on it is fresh, the mushrooms picked just hours ago from an organic garden out back. There is no way possible that the frozen pizza can compare to this.

“Your business needs an image. A brand that can be used to identify it throughout the world and in social media because that’s where most of the world takes place these days.”

The Coffee Shop

You’ve got to be kidding. You won’t pay $5 for a cup of organic, fair-trade, freshly brewed coffee because you can zip up some instant freeze-dried muck at home for pennies? Even if you’ve convinced your brain that the hot, brownish liquid you swill at home is just as good as the top quality product coming out of the coffee shop downtown, your guts will know the difference. You may not notice it today, but give it time. Tick, tick, tick.

Designer Art

Um, art is overrated, right? They call themselves starving artists but with some of the prices they get for splashing paint on a canvass your 2-year old could do better. Well, it’s got nothing to do with that whatsoever. Pushing aside the years spent in design school and learning all about concepts and stuff, you really need to look at something like a logo design in a very different light. Thanks to cheap-o computer nerds coming up with knock off (ring a bell?) designs that can turn your company into the next Picasso concept, what are you thinking?

The Concept Behind the Value of a Dollar

Okay, let’s stick with the concept of art on this. Your business needs an image. A brand that can be used to identify it throughout the world and in social media because that’s where most of the world takes place these days. So you order a $5 logo online. It’s a piece of crap. But hey, it only cost five bucks. You could say you really did get your money’s worth with that choice. Or you could just bite the bullet and invest in a professional. Sure, it’s going to cost a lot more but the reality is, you will be getting your money’s worth. Call it a ‘gourmet’ logo if that helps you figure it out any better.

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