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Oh, boy…too many designers out there! How can I find the right one, you ask? It’s a matter of synergy. The process of branding a business often starts with a simple vision, which might eventually become a logo – a visual representation of the brand’s personality and a way for people to easily recognize the brand itself….but is that enough?

If you finally managed to get that stunning, fresh, new logo and you are excited to share it with the world – congratulations! Being happy with your business logo is very important, as a logo is a great way to visually represent your brand & appeal to your target audience. However, having a good logo is nothing but the tip of a much larger iceberg: there is a lot underneath the surface.

However, having a good logo is nothing but the tip of a much larger iceberg: there is a lot underneath the surface.

Your logo is only at the very beginning of the branding process, which will allow you to build a better business presence, however, there are many different elements to go into it. To promote the business effectively, you will have to use the aesthetical appeal of your logo and “translate it” successfully into different mediums, which includes digital and physical formats alike. Everyone and their grandmas are on their phones, all the time! Professionally or casually, we are glued to those little screens like flies stuck in a pot of honey. As they say, you gotta go where the crowds are!

In today’s business world, having digital branding tools is essential, and your logo should seamlessly integrate with all of them. If you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, make sure you create the best banners and avatars for each page. This way, your logo will represent your brand at its best in any environment. It is also important to make sure that you don’t underestimate the power of physical branding. Even if many small businesses may think that printed branding is a waste of time and money, it is still very relevant in today’s market and it will set you apart from your competitors who go strictly digital.

Vesper Design is a graphic design firm located in Montreal, Quebec Canada, we help businesses like you, experience the sensation of coming to terms with your identity on a daily basis. Through creativity, understanding, and commitment, we discover who you are together! That’s what Vesper Design is seeking to accomplish in this vast cosmos of business! The views expressed in these articles are solely those of Vesper Design and are meant to equip you with a beginners understanding in the realm of graphic design.

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