Minimalism in Advertising

As the business world continues to evolve, competition among producers and sellers keeps getting tougher than ever. The need to conquer or have a sizable cut of the market is a never-ending one, so businesses must find better means to advertise their products. In the past, advertising in business was quite concentrated, as brands strive to outdo each other by creating detailed adverts filled with so much content to seduce potential clients. This no longer works so well as the market atmosphere is inundating with such strategy, making it less efficient.

Moreover, this has created a vacuum in advertising as businesses look inward to find an alternative. Designers and artists had already realized that simple concepts usually attract far greater attention only because they create memories more efficiently, this was the beginning of the minimalist concept in advertising. Minimalism has been in existence for quite some time. It is a Japanese traditional designing technique where only the bare necessities needed for life are maintained is a concept. It reinforces the need to keep things simple without losing value. Minimalism has a mantra which says, ‘less is more’ and this has never been truer in our design age. Information can easily be passed across visually or audibly when it contains less detail. The audience or viewer can easily grasp what’s being shown and can recall it more easily nowadays.

“…‘less is more’ and this has never been more true than

in our design age.”

This has made minimalism the ideal style in advertising. If you take some time to study many of the popular brands in the world today, you will notice one thing – they all have a minimalist approach to their designs. From the logo to the tagline as well as their product packaging, companies like HP, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Facebook and so many others illustrate our point about a minimalist style design in their brand among other things.

Minimalism in advertising leverages on the fact that a simple advert or design does the following:

–    Stands out from the clutter of competitors

–    Captures the attention of the audience or viewer with its simplicity

–    It’s more iconic and easier to remember

–    Creates a better impression on the audience or viewer

–    Brands a business faster than corporate advertising

It seems our world is developing at a breakneck pace, and people hardly have time to decipher complexities anymore. It seems like 24 hours isn’t enough and time has become more precious than ever before. People’s attention span has also been reduced in many ways. It takes a lot more to get the attention of a prospective client and even harder to maintain their attention. What does this mean for advertising? Capturing and holding the attention of your target audience is a bigger challenge now and this has further reinforced the need for alternative ways of showcasing products and services in a simpler space.

Here is where minimalism holds an upper hand. A lone figure in a visual will catch attention faster than one with five or more visuals. The time it takes the eye to find the image is shorter but the message delivered is quicker and more efficient because the message is direct and to the point without any of the fluff. Minimalist adverts come in the form of a simple logo, picture, motto, tagline or a general graphic design where instant recognition is the key. Wherever and whenever the target audience comes across such a design concept, they may associate it with your product or service because of its iconic style. This enhances your visibility and embeds it into your audience’s memory more easily as your ad connects to a service or product which your customers may use sooner or later.

….This is the beauty of Minimalism!

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