Consulting Services

Although we are mainly a creative design agency, one of our strengths and services that we specialize in is consulting. Whether you are looking for help to define the look and brand of an existing or upcoming venture, we can offer you professionally qualified advice and direction. Already used by several existing clients, we can also come alongside your design team to help them develop new media or offer direction and vision for your team and industry.

Brand Development

We offer a comprehensive brand strategy that will make you stand out and give you a competitive edge. From logo design to brand guides, we will help you develop not only the brand mark but help you build all the associated facets of the company brand. Things like company colors and brand guidelines that define the typeface, for instance, representing your brand to your affiliates, you will find what you need with us at Vesper.


Illustration Services

If illustration is your thing and you are looking for an album cover or clothing design or just some illustrative merchandise for your brand you can contact us to have created awesome hand-drawn or painted images. With over twenty years in illustration and concept illustration, we come equipped with a wide variety of artistic styles that are at your disposal.

3D Design

These days 3D is everywhere and has become an integral medium of design in advertising. Whether it be to construct a product for 3D printing or image rendering for your advertising campaigns and yes, even for some animation. Vesper Design offers a wide array of options when it comes to 3D, check out our portfolio to view some of the media that we have already produced.


Branding & Identity

Distinctively exploit optimal alignments for intuitive bandwidth. Quickly coordinate e-business applications through revolutionary catalysts for change.