Designs Have Changed

Oh, the times, they are a-changing! The mighty Bob Dylan used to sing those powerful words many, many years ago, but they are still as powerful and meaningful as ever. The world of business has changed so much in just a few decades, particularly industries relying on a combination of creativity and technology – this includes branding and advertising.

If you are looking to unleash the full potential of your brand, you need to understand that you or your business are not stuck in a bubble: everything exists in relation to our times, and the way technology evolves around a business.

…it is important to understand that design concepts change over time.”

In order to make your brand more appealing, it is important to understand that design concepts change over time. Obviously, if you look at design in the 1950’s and design today, you will certainly notice that the dominant aesthetics are dramatically different. However, you don’t really need to travel that far back in time in order to realize how much brands have changed throughout the years. Set different coordinates to your time machine and hope you don’t get vaporized in your journey to 2005 – have a look around at all the logos and the website graphics: this period isn’t too far back, yet its aesthetics already feel so extremely dated it’s ridiculous! Bulky fonts, bold colors, funky vector graphics…definitely different from today’s standards.

Even the way people view the content is very different: 4 out of 5 individuals would shop and browse through their smartphones in this day and age! (Ironpaper)  Even the consumption of tablet has steadily grown by 30% only from 2013 to 2015! (comScore) .

The moral of this story is: keep an eye out for new design trends and always keep your brand up to speed with the most recent aesthetics! Have you ever noticed how the world’s leading brands almost always update their logos and design themes every once in a while? “Keeping up with the times” is exactly the reason why they are doing it: they certainly don’t want their image to become outdated like that stale leftover milk jug left in your fridge for weeks!

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