A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Startups

The Colors of Your Company

So you’ve got a, sure-fire idea for your product or service, and the galactic zeal to make it happen, color me glad. Your next step is to create an identity, i.e., your brand, style, color, design. It’s right about now that questions begin to percolate. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What do I mean by who am I?!

You might respond, I know exactly who I am, and aren’t you being overly dramatic? Okay then, let me translate. What is my company? What do I represent? Who do I want to appeal to? How do I want to be portrayed?  And then you’ve got it. So where to begin? Brands are for big companies, and you’re just a startup. Would it help to know that UPS began as the American Messenger Company in 1907, and deliveries were made on foot and by bicycle? Brands are for EVERY company, especially startups and their choice of color is no exception!

UPS defines success in many ways, one of which exemplifies the topic at hand. When it comes to branding, your logo matters, but COLOR MATTERS MORE! Need proof?

Studies indicate approximately 85% of consumers make purchase decisions based on color. UPS owns brown. What dye will you dominate?

Color selection takes balance. On the one hand, you want to represent your brand’s personality, the characteristics of your product or service, and consider your competition. On the other, you have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What colors reflect their preferences, habits, and interests?

The right combination will tell your story and speak to your customers. It will also set the tone for your website, social media, marketing materials, and advertisements. Tying them all together with a cohesive message, logo, and color scheme will spare you from normality.

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